We are the Vocation Team of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany, and we seek to help others discover their Call and vocation from God. We assist others in answering the question that accompanies their faith journey: ‘Do I have a Calling?’ and if so, ‘What is it?’ We encourage women and men in the Roman Catholic Church who through prayer and direction wonder if God is calling them to be a priest, to inquire into the life of Sisters who live in Religious Communities and share a community’s spirituality, or to know if the brotherhood in a monastery will be one’s home. Sometimes the simple question ‘What is a priest?’ or ‘What is a Sister?’ begins the internal process of questioning more and this leads to a further invitation to ‘Come and See.’

Our religion and faith as Catholics encourage us to prayerfully consider the purpose of our lives. Along this path will be an ongoing pursuit of the richness of Catholic Theology as well as growth in prayer, growth in understanding the dynamics of community living as well as a deepening involvement in the ministries of the Roman Catholic Church. Personal growth is also necessary along the road of vocation discernment. We are here to guide those who want to know ‘What is my Calling?’"




The Year for Consecrated Life in the Diocese of Albany
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Shadow a Religious in the Albany Diocese
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Discernment Days on Your Time          
Contact Sister Rosemary if you are interested in participating in a day to discern a vocation to religious life. We will work to fit the day into your busy schedule.  Call 674-3818 or email Sister Rosemary for more information.

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